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Asylum is a form of protection granted to individuals in the United States who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of their

  1. Race;
  2. Religion;
  3. Nationality;
  4. Membership in a particular social group; or
  5. Political opinion.

Individuals who are already in the United States or who are seeking entry into the United States at a port of entry may qualify for a grant of asylum and be permitted to remain in the United States as long as they are not barred from either applying for or being granted asylum. Individuals who are granted asylum are eligible to apply to adjust their status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

Asylum applications must be filed within one year of applicant’s entry in United States. The requirement of filing within one year can be waived ONLY if the applicant can show changed or extra ordinary circumstances.

Our attorneys have filed successful asylum applications for people from various regions including South Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. For more information about asylum and specific case evaluation, please contact our office.

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